Determination of sodium ion content of water
using flame photometry
last modified: 25-2-2005 17:05:56
Drinkingwater contain also elements that belongs to the group of metals. They are not present in elemental form but mostly as ions in different concentrations. In drinkingwater ingredients are usually in low concentrations. To determine them very sensitive methods must be used. One of them is flame emission photometry. Sodium-ions give strong yellow light when heated.
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The result is given as the concentration of sodium in miligrams per litre of the sample. Please login and enter your results. Download the graph, paste it into your report and comment on it.
duration2 hours
analytical instruments usedflame emission photometer
supplied byVO-KA, Slovenia
sample specificationdrinking water
component to be determinedSodium
method(s)Flame photometry (AES)
field(s)food and beverages
typeStep-By-Step Plan
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